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The IFA,International Federation of Aromatherapists, symbol stands for Expertise, Experience and Excellence within the aromatherapy profession. Safeguarding standards in training and practice since 1985.  

IFA 國際芳香療法師聯盟,標誌自1985年即成為在芳香療法在專業、經驗、卓越以及訓練、執業安全標準的代表。

The IFA is the Oldest and Largest established governing body for Professional Aromatherapy in the world. Founded in 1985, we are very proud to hold our charitable status; registered charity number 327290. We have worked hard to maintain our organisation as a charity, as we believe it ensures true integrity. Our non-profit status means that all our revenue gets put back into increasing opportunities and benefits for our members.

IFA 國際芳香療法師聯盟成立於1985年,是最早成立、並且也是全世界最大的專業芳療組織,IFA 國際芳香療法師聯盟亦為英國政府註冊(註冊號碼327290)的慈善組織,IFA 國際芳香療法師聯盟多年來努力以慈善機構的立場自詡,其非營利性的目的亦將收入所得回饋貢獻予該會會員。

The IFA is a truly international organisation with training schools and members all over the world. It is a self-governing body supported by its Members and Friends with official Codes of Practice and Ethics, ensuring that standards and quality are sustained. Since its formation, the Federation has been at the forefront of developments within the aromatherapy profession and has pioneered the use of aromatherapy in hospitals, hospices, special care units and general practice. We all work hard to set and maintain the highest standards in Aromatherapy worldwide.

IFA 國際芳香療法師聯盟為國際性的芳香療法組織,擁有遍布全世界的學校與會員,它是由會員、支持的群眾自我管理,並設立IFA 國際芳香療法師聯盟官方的芳療原則與芳療師道德標準,IFA 國際芳香療法師聯盟期許成為芳香療法專業發展的前鋒,並推廣芳香療法於醫院、安寧療護、特殊照護機構與一般應用於社會大眾,我們將以設立與維持芳療世界的最高標準自詡。


IFA CEO Pauline Allen & AromaHarvest CEO Henry Chang




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